The Lion Electric Co. is an all-electric truck and bus manufacturer that meets the needs of an advanced society.

The company’s rebranding positions Lion to continue its ascension as a global leader in electric transportation.

100% Electric School Bus

the eLion is the only 100% type C electric school bus manufactured in North America. The body and chassis were designed to deliver optimal performance.

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Lion offers several range options to optimize return on investment and school bus route planning:


50-mile (90-km) range

75-mile (120-km) range

100-mile (150-km) range

The performance and reliability of our eLion lead our company to believe that this type of product has a definite future in school transportation. Since the acquisition of our eLion, we have noticed the added value and benefits of a 100% electric school bus.
Michel Galland
Chief Executive Officer of Autobus Galland

Available Subsidies

An important tool for electrifying your fleet

Lion seeks to identify and understand all available North American subsidies to ensure rapid return on your investment.

A Turnkey Solution

Purchasing an electric school bus is a significant investment. Lion offers a complete support service to help integrate your electric bus into your fleet.

Handling of local subsidies process

Charging infrastructure advisory services

After-sales services / Parts Department

Technician and driver training