All-electric urban truck

Our all-electric class 6 and class 8 commercial urban trucks combine power, comfort and modern technology. We have thought and designed these heavy duty electric vehicles to make them meet the expectations of the industry.

Technical specifications 

  • Up to 480 kWh
  • Safe, top-performance lithium-ion Batteries (NMC)
  • eMotor Power : Up to 350 kW and 3,500 Nm torque
  • Fully integrated OEM electric trucks (chassis, cabin & batteries)

Batteries and charger

Large on-board energetic capacity amount that can supply the vehicle's propulsion and equipments.

Chassis and cabin

Custom-built chassis and cabin designed specifically for an all-electric heavy duty vehicle. Components and specifications were chosen to allow the integration of multiple mechanic and electric tools to design the ideal specialized truck.

Designed and manufactured with harsh climate conditions in mind.


Lion Electric has expertise and wide experience with creating heavy duty vehicle driving chains.

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  • All informations are based on last data available. Final specs may change.
  • reference pictures only.