At Lion, we believe that creative, passionate, and authentic people are behind every innovation. The best ideas come to life when we work together. We are always looking for new talent to join the Lion team.


To offer our customers personalized service while developing intelligent solutions and manufacturing sustainable products on the cutting edge of technology. We firmly believe that electric transportation is a major catalyst for improving our society, environment and, above all, quality of life. Together, we can drive progress.

As an innovative company that promotes health and the environment, we are looking for people who embody our overarching corporate values and who, above all, want to take part in this incredible energy transition.


Eagerly take action and be open to suggestions and change while remaining considerate of others. It’s by helping and respecting one another that projects take off.


Be able to formulate clear ideas, make decisions, and take responsibility for the results. Autonomy makes us master of our destiny – don’t be afraid to try!


Be able to recognize your strengths and weaknesses, work with integrity, and stay true to yourself. Exhibit exemplary behaviour every day while demonstrating loyalty and a sense of responsibility toward Lion.


Engage in difficult conversations and expose problems, but always remain positive and find solutions. We encourage our employees to express their opinions and to respect others’ opinions.


Foster continuous improvement because there is always room for progress. Strive to go above and beyond because nothing is impossible.


Have confidence not only in yourself but also in your colleagues and your organization. At Lion, we are all on the same team. To have confidence, you must believe in your full potential and be able to surpass even your own expectations.

And so much more!

Competitive salaries

Flexible work schedule
Group insurance coverage

Opportunities for advancement

Exceptional work environment

Recognition of years of service
Access to professional development